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Laser Horizons makes car sides for many railroads and we can get them for you. ATSF, B&O, CN, C&O, Conrail, D&H, DL&W, ERIE, IC, L&N, MP, NYC, N&W, PRR, PULLMAN, SLSF, SP, T&P, and UP.

Laser Horizon car sides are laser engraved and cut to order. They feature "beading" around the windows, which simulates the rubber gaskets, engraved door outlines and latches, and pre-drilled grab iron holes. Also, the backs of the skirts are grooved to facilitate bending the skirt inward as found on the prototype. All sides are for smooth side lightweight passenger cars built by PS, ACF, and SLC.

Sides are available for N scale in 10mil ABS, HO scale in 20mil ABS, S scale in .020 styrene, and O scale in .030 styrene.

Customer must specify plan number, scale, skirt length for the side skirt between the trucks ( full, midi, mini, or no skirt ), and the core kit the side will be applied to or the exact length of the side set requested in actual inches. Some UP ACF cars had a mid length straight skirt the entire length of the car and it should be specified if that's what you want. Because all sides are custom engraved there is a three to six week time period between order placement and delivery of finished sides.

Prices are per set; two opposite sides for the same car, N scale $16.00, HO scale $20.00, S scale $28.00, and O scale $35.00 "per order".

IN STOCK as of Friday, September 26th 2014 at 12:43 AM

SKU Description Scale Price Ea. Add to Cart!

PS 1942 24 duplex slper pp4100 car sides GN B&O NdeM ABS

HO $18.00        

Conrail Office Car '10' Rebuilt Observation ABS

HO $20.00        

PS 5dbr buff lnge MP-T&P pp 4110 built 1948 ABS

HO $18.00        

ACF Baggae 48 seat coach NYC p2960 No.344-345 built 1947 ABS

HO $20.00        

Bagagge/48 seat coach car side set for No.344 & 345 ACF lot number 2960 post war car ABS

HO $20.00        

PRR 4P6BL-F 6br buf lounge car sides ABS

HO $20.00        

PRR D78FR dining car side set plastic

N $18.00        

PRR observ-cafe car side set PRR class POC85AR numbers 1132-1136 plastic

N $18.00        

ACF lot 3815 5-2-2 sleeper Ocean series ABS

HO $20.00        

ACF Buffet-Lounge UP 4050-4054 plan 237-CB-37233 ABS

HO $20.00        

PS 48 seat coach plan 7385 UP 5300-5327 series ABS

HO $20.00        

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